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In Germany, they called for leaving the EU

Bundestag deputy Tino Krupalla, who is the leader of the Alternative for Germany party, believes that it is time for the country to think about leaving the European Union and start cooperating with the Russian Federation.

The politician is sure that Germany should create a “new European space” in which Russia will have a place.
“Germany needs to leave the current EU and create a new European economic interest group,” Krupalla said.

At the moment, politics is not satisfied with the “psychological war of Germany's allies”, especially the Americans, which is aimed at the national identity and culture of the Germans. In particular, the US fight against the Nord Stream 2, according to the deputy, is a purposeful strategy for disinformation and manipulation of the opinion of the Germans solely for the sake of Washington's interests.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is 98% built. The work will be completed at the end of August, the head of Nord Stream 2 AG, Matthias Warnig, said earlier. He added that the company Nord Stream 2 AG has a goal to launch Nord Stream 2 this year. At the same time, gas transit through Ukraine will remain one of the ways of gas supplies to Europe after 2024.

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