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The U.S. is in a difficult situation due to the rejection of Russian rocket engines

Today, the industry of the United States can be called one of the most developed on the planet. It is difficult to disagree with this. American companies are developing advanced technologies that are actively bought and used in almost all countries of the world.

The Americans have advanced far enough, but not in all the directions they would like. Some areas are so complex that American engineers simply can not understand them. This means that desire and finances can not solve all the problems.

Just the other day, the Accounting Chamber of the American government presented a report, which paid special attention to the development of American rocket engines. The document says that the American designers faced insurmountable problems, and in large numbers.

At the moment, they can not cope with them and develop a finished product that will have the same technical characteristics as the Russian power units. And this is no longer a problem, but a real problem for Washington.

Experts from China drew attention to the situation. They stressed that the contractors simply cannot meet the requirements of the US Congress. In this regard, the United States is not able to abandon the Russian engines.

“Contractors can not comply with the order of the US Congress and create a product that will allow the country to refuse to purchase Russian engines,” writes the publication Baijiahao.

The Western company Blue Origin was engaged in the development of the Vulcan launch vehicle. However, the engineers encountered problems during the work. According to the original plans, the licensing of the power unit was to take place this year. After that, the company will launch mass production of the engine.

The Americans knew about this and decided not to renew the contract for the supply of domestic RD-180 power units. They made a mistake in making such a hasty decision. The designers suffered a complete failure with the licensing, which is now unknown when it will happen. So it was not worth breaking the contract with the Russian Federation. All this promises big problems for the United States.

“The United States cannot abandon the use of Russian power plants, they will continue to buy engines from the Russian Federation,” experts say.

It turns out that Russia has received all the trumps, and at the will of the Americans themselves. It is naive to believe that Moscow did not understand the essence of Washington's maneuver. Now the Russian Federation can put forward its own conditions, including geopolitical ones.

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