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Prince Andrew has lost his military ranks, title, and royal patronage

The son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew, has resigned his military titles and royal patronage duties, Buckingham Palace has announced. Reported by The Sun.

"With the consent and approval of the Queen, the Duke of York resigns his military titles and royal guardianship duties," the palace said in a statement. He also loses the right to bear the title "His Royal Highness".

This decision came after the prince's lawyers failed to convince an American court to dismiss a civil case of sexual abuse, in which the Duke of York is accused by American Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew consistently denies all the accusations against him and claims that he does not know the woman.

"The Duke of York will continue to perform no public duties and is defending himself in this case as a private person," the palace said.

Some time ago, the British media reported that the court was discussing how to protect the monarchy and the queen's reputation in case the Duke of York lost in court. "It is impossible to force him to resign as an ordinary person, but you can ask him to give up the title for a while," the Times newspaper quoted its source.

Earlier, Buckingham Palace reported that after Andrew temporarily refused to perform official duties as a member of the royal family (this happened in 2019), he would also not participate in army-related events.

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