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Boulders rolling down the slope were discovered on Mars

European-Russian device found on Mars rolling boulders. About it reports the European Space Agency.

The image was taken by camera CaSSIS apparatus ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. It shows part of the Labyrinth of the Night canyon system. The rock that runs through the central part of the image is part of a system of hills and grabens consisting of elevated ridges on the edges of lower valleys. The entire series of plateaus and canyons that make up the Labyrinth of the Night stretches for about 1,200 kilometers, with individual cliffs reaching up to five kilometers above the surface.

Linear ripples in the sand are formed by the wind, and craters are left by meteorite impacts. At maximum magnification, you can see several boulders that have fallen from the edge of the cliff and left small holes in the soft material as they rolled down the slope.

Trace Gas Orbiter is part of the European-Russian ExoMars project. The apparatus arrived in orbit in 2016, and its main task is to search for traces of life in the present or in the past. Earlier, the apparatus' Russian instrument found huge reserves of water ice on Mars.

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