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Samsung has patented a laptop transformer with a removable display

South Korean company Samsung has patented a laptop with a removable folding screen. This is reported by Sammobile.

It is noted that the patent with the images was disclosed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to the documentation, the device is presented as a laptop transformer with a removable display. At the same time, the screen can also fold and become twice as small.

In the illustrations, the laptop consists of two main elements: a screen and a keyboard, each of which can be folded in half. The folding display in the unfolded state has the usual aspect ratio and connects to the keyboard through a pair of hinges.

The patent does not provide other characteristics of the device. It is also not yet known whether Samsung plans to release the gadget in this form or will change something in its design before the announcement.

Earlier, Honor showed a folding smartphone Magic V. The novelty has two displays, the main one of which is hidden inside the device. The form factor of folding smartphones was popularized by Samsung with the Galaxy Z series of mobile devices. Also, on sale are smartphones such as Xiaomi Mix Fold and Oppo Find N.

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