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Hacker Hacked Tesla electric cars in 13 countries Due to software vulnerability

David Columbo, a 19-year-old employee of an IT company from Germany, discovered vulnerabilities in the Tesla software that allowed him to connect to some functions of electric vehicles. Due to the insufficient security of third-party software, the hacker managed to penetrate the control system of 25 electric cars in 13 countries. The specialist informed the developers of the software and the security service of Tesla about the possibility of remote access.

Remote access allowed the hacker to open and close doors and windows during the trip. In addition, the specialist was able to change the settings of the audio system, as well as turn on the high beam. Despite the fact that David could not control the movement of electric cars, the expert believes that such a vulnerability can be dangerous in the hands of intruders who can steal access codes to the system and use them to hack electric vehicles.

It is known that Tesla pays rewards for detecting vulnerabilities in their software. The specialist handed over the received data to the company's security service and also informed the software developers about the weaknesses of their system. In addition, the hacker advised being careful when connecting to the "Internet of Things". After all, access codes of any electronics are stored on the Network today: from refrigerators to cars.

Source: Bloomberg

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