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Peugeot 308 will become an electric car with a power reserve of 400 kilometers

Peugeot is preparing to launch an all-electric 308, which will receive the name familiar to battery versions with the prefix "e" — e-308. The Autocar edition shared the first information about the new product: according to its data, the electric version will be released in both body types (hatchback and station wagon), will receive a more powerful power plant and an increased power reserve compared to the "younger" e-208. The e-308 will be put on the conveyor in the summer of 2023.

Like other Peugeot models, the electric motor, onboard charger, and heat pump e-308 will be placed under the hood. The traction battery will be installed under the floor, mainly under the seats, which will save space in the cabin and in the trunk.

Peugeot e-308 will be front-wheel drive without alternative and will receive only one power plant option: we are talking about a single electric motor with a capacity of 154 horsepower (269 Nm) — 20 more forces than the e-208. The engine will be powered by an upgraded battery with a capacity of 50 kilowatt-hours, which will provide about 402 kilometers of travel.

Peugeot notes that hybrid versions of the 308 already account for 20 percent of orders, which inspires optimism about the launch of another "green" option on the market. In addition, the decision to equip models with several types of power units at once — internal combustion engines, hybrid installations, and electric motors — turned out to be "commercially successful".

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