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In the US, military doctors have created a "super vaccine" for coronavirus

American military doctors from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center of Maryland in the United States announced the completion of the first phase of testing of a "super vaccine" against coronavirus. According to them, the drug will be able to protect the body not only from the main strains but also from any other mutations.

The new drug is a peptide - when using such a vaccine, fragments of a viral protein that are unable to reproduce independently enter the body. The body reacts in such a way that it selects the necessary antibodies to different parts of the viral protein and can neutralize the virus even with new mutations.

Experts are confident in the level of safety of the vaccine because they consider the entire viral family as an object of research, and not just a specific strain. That is, the studied property of a particular virus is sought from the entire group.

At the same time, a number of experts commented on this and noted that the creation of such a vaccine is impossible in principle. "I have been hearing similar statements from the developers of the flu vaccine for decades, not even for years. Both influenza and Sars-Cov-2 belong to the type of rapidly mutating RNA viruses that constantly give more and more new variants. So personally, I don't have an answer to the question of which part of the viral genome can be considered stable and unchangeable enough to develop a single vaccine based on it, which will not become obsolete as new mutations appear," Peter Doshi, professor of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and senior editor of the BMJ journal, commented on his skepticism.

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