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The US may create a «northern AUKUS» to confront Russia in the Arctic

The United States may form a new military bloc to confront Russia in the Arctic region. The alliance may become the northern analog of the AUKUS military bloc. This is written by the American edition of The Hill.

According to The Hill, the reliability of the US policy to contain Russia raises questions due to the fact that Washington no longer has levers of pressure on Moscow, except for Ukraine. Therefore, the Americans need a new tool to ensure the security of Europe.

"There is an opportunity to tighten the screw [of deterrence] — the Arctic theater of military operations. But the United States and its allies are still in no hurry to use it," the publication says.

Hill notes: the weak policy of the United States towards Russia undermines the security of European partners and distances them from Washington. Therefore, America should use the Arctic to influence the Russian Federation and change the geopolitical situation. It will be possible to do this if the United States complements the Ukrainian flank of pressure on Moscow with a new flank in the Arctic region. Only the creation of a northern analog of AUKUS will ensure reliable deterrence of Russia, the authors of the American edition are sure.

"The Arctic not only provides allies with an opportunity to restore cohesion at the state level but also serves as an open field for closer military cooperation and integration. This would be an effective deterrent to Russian adventurism," The Hill wrote.

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