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The Lancet magazine was accused of hiding important facts about the coronavirus

At the initial stage of the spread of COVID-19, The Lancet magazine concealed information about the possible source of the disease. This is written by the British edition of The Daily Mail.

The tabloid refers to the data set out in the book by the head of the Wellcome Trust Scientific Medical Foundation, Jeremy Farrar. The latter believes that The Lancet did not publish data that the market in Wuhan, which was officially considered a source of coronavirus at that time, is not really such. Farrar also claims that the medical publication did not publish data that the disease may be asymptomatic. In his opinion, this information was critically important at the first stage of the spread of the coronavirus in the world.

As proof of his accusations against the editorial office of The Lancet, he cites the story of the Dutch professor Thijs Kuiken. The latter sent material to The Lancet in mid-January 2020, which told about the history of the disease of a Chinese family from the city of Shenzhen in southern China, who came to Wuhan to visit relatives.

Its members have not visited the infamous Wuhan market, but they have contracted the coronavirus. The professor realized that this indicates the ability of the virus to be transmitted from person to person and began to bombard the editorial office of The Lancet with demands for immediate publication. However, this did not happen.

Much later, the Chinese authorities recognized the contagiousness of the coronavirus. At the same time, the response time was lost and the infection gained strength. This, according to Farrar, could not have happened if The Lancet had promptly published the materials of the Dutch professor.

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