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Biden is alarmed by the popularity of conspiracy theories among Americans

US President Joe Biden is alarmed by the active spread of conspiracy theories among Americans. This is reported by CNN.

In particular, Biden recalled the supporters of the Qanon theory who participated in the storming of the Capitol in early 2021, as well as those who believe in chipping by vaccination against the coronavirus. The head of state said that foreigners are shocked by the way of thinking of his countrymen.

I chaired the committee on foreign relations, was deeply involved in international processes, but the people, the rest of the world are shocked by us. Those of you who have traveled abroad know that this is not a joke, " Biden said.

The president's comment came at the same time as the White House's statement on countering social networks that spread false data and mislead about the coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, the incidence is growing throughout the country.

Supporters of Qanon, in particular, are convinced that there is a large network of several thousand Democratic pedophiles operating in the United States, covering their dens with fake eateries. Supporters of this theory believe that the Democrats keep children in basements who produce the hormone adrenochrome, which their tormentors allegedly inject themselves for the sake of fighting old age.

Earlier, restaurateurs were asked to introduce cheap water to the menu.

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