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Putin's double has been exposed: there is evidence that has been hidden for years

For years, rumors have been circulating on the Internet about the existence of doubles of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The expert told how to notice the difference in the appearance of “clones” and explained how they differ from the “original”.

The expert noted that the fact of the presence of “Putin clones” is obvious and explained that they differ in appearance not only from the original but also from each other.

“Let's say, on the hands — one of the doppelgangers has Buryats by nationality-fingers are thick as sausages... Take a closer look at the location and shape of wrinkles, earlobes, which are different for all people, like fingerprints, “ the expert says.

The expert also noted that another significant proof of the theory of doubles can be considered a sharp change in the style of Vladimir Putin's rule.

“The previous Putin conducted business very competently — he established good relations with both Europe and America, demonstrated simply the wonders of diplomacy while lobbying Russia's interests at all levels. And what is the current Putin doing? Spoils relations with everyone with whom it is possible interferes in the internal affairs of other countries threatens existing and non — existent weapons-in general behaves like an elephant in a china shop. It is very little in common between these two people, “ the expert is sure.

There is an old theory that the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has been dead for a long time and the Russian Federation is ruled by mysterious security forces using Putin's doppelgangers.

In support of this theory, comparisons of old and new photos of Putin are given. At the same time, a thorough search is carried out for the features of the difference (the shape of the auricles, and so on), on the basis of which it is said that there are almost 10 Putin's doubles.

In 2018, Vladimir Putin was once again caught in “fraud with growth” at a meeting with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The height of Lukashenko is 185 cm, the height of Putin is 162 cm. Let's look at the photo.

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