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In Thailand, patients with COVID-19 began to be placed in parking lots

Rachapifat Hospital in Bangkok posted a photo on Facebook of its parking lot, where beds were placed for patients from the emergency department. Last week, similar images were published in the Saraburi hospital, where patients were lying on beds located in an open parking lot.

Last year, Thailand received positive feedback from representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the measures taken to combat the coronavirus. At the same time, this Asian country maintained one of the lowest incidence rates in the world. But this year everything is different. The local population is dissatisfied with the government's actions in connection with the pandemic. Vaccination against COVID-19 is slow, writes the Guardian.

The third wave of the pandemic in Thailand began in April. The first infected were visitors to Bangkok's nightclubs. Clubs are popular among rich businessmen. Then the infected began to be detected in factories, construction sites, and densely populated areas of the capital.

In four months, 4146 local residents died of complications caused by COVID-19. According to medical volunteers, some people died in their homes. They were refused hospitalization because there are not enough hospital beds.

The Thai government is criticized for not introducing quarantine a few months ago when there were significantly fewer infected people. Currently, various restrictions with stricter measures are being introduced in the country in stages. In Bangkok, a curfew is in effect from nine in the evening until the morning.

Now in Thailand, more than 15 thousand people infected with coronavirus are detected every day. “The actual number of cases is difficult to estimate because many patients who do not have access to testing are forced to stay at home. We have no beds in the hospital, no beds in the field hospital, “ says Anucha Apisarntanarak, professor, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Thammasat University.

According to the order of the government, hospitals must accept patients with positive test results. As a result, medical institutions began to test less for COVID-19.

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