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Elon Musk called two problems of Apple

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, spoke about the problems of Apple. According to 9to5mac, he listed two shortcomings of the company during a conference call about Tesla earnings with the participation of investors.

“Apple seems to use almost 100% cobalt in its batteries, both in smartphones and laptops. Tesla makes iron-phosphate batteries without cobalt at all, and there is very little of it in nickel, " Musk said.

Thus, the businessman responded to questions about whether his company would be under threat in the event of problems with the supply of cobalt. He said that on average, Tesla will use no more than 2% cobalt in production, unlike Apple.

Musk called the second problem of Apple the way the iPhone works. He compared the architecture of the smartphone to a garden fenced with a high fence since the company strictly controls which applications the user installs on his gadget using the App Store.

“We are not working to create a fenced garden and use it to fight competitors, as some companies do,” the head of Tesla said. After that, Musk feigned a cough and muttered: “Apple.”

Tesla and Apple are not direct competitors at the moment, but according to unofficial information, the Mac and iPhone manufacturer is developing its own autonomous electric car under the code name Titan. Earlier it was reported that some engineers left Tesla for Apple for this development. It is believed that the Titan project is headed by Doug Field, who returned to Apple in 2018 after five years of working at Tesla.

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