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Doomsday planes will be developed by order of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is overseeing the construction of two new Doomsday aircraft that will become control centers in the event of a nuclear conflict, Fox News reports.

The construction of the first of the two aircraft is underway in Voronezh, both aircraft will be a modification of the Il-96 and will replace the Il-80.

The aerospace forces of the Russian Federation will receive two new “Doomsday aircraft”, which are designed to replace Soviet analogs, be able to evacuate the country's top leadership in the event of a global conflict and perform the functions of a mobile headquarters, “when the ground and satellite infrastructure will be completely destroyed.

According to reports, the latest radio complex of the aircraft will allow giving orders to all troops, including launchers and submarines with nuclear weapons.

Here are some comments from American readers on the news about airplanes:

“If it hits, no one will be saved,” Razecs is sure.
Joeyd965 said that Russia is afraid “not only of the United States but even more so of China,” but the user brian_daffy added that Russia is hardly afraid of the United States “under the current administration.”

A “wake-up call” for Biden

The Boston Globe newspaper believes that a recent article by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he spoke about the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians, should be a “wake-up call” for US President Joe Biden. According to the publication, Putin's words about “one people” should have been enough to “terrify” the leadership of Ukraine.

The Boston Globe notes that this week, just when the US could have supported Kyiv, the Biden administration removed the last obstacles to the Nord Stream 2. According to the newspaper, Biden can still help Ukraine by taking a leading role in the negotiations on the Donbas, increasing military assistance to Kyiv, as well as appointing Ukraine as a major non-NATO ally.

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