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“Is he joking?”: Daily Mail readers criticized Biden's opinion about Putin's “problems”

Readers of the British edition of the Daily Mail criticized the harsh statement of US President Joe Biden against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, Biden said that Putin has “problems”, which “makes him more dangerous.” The head of America recalled the summit held in Geneva and added that the President of the Russian Federation has “only nuclear weapons and oil” at his disposal.

At the same time, readers urged Biden to better focus on the internal difficulties of the United States.

“Biden was joking, right? Our economy is ridiculous: prices are rising, and migrants are arriving so quickly that we don't have time to follow. Our devalued dollar will soon be worth about ten cents, and he scolds Putin. It is better to deal with your own problems than to take care of the affairs of other states,” DAYZEE31 expressed his opinion.

“Putin is sitting on nuclear weapons and oil, and America is sitting on a debt of $30 trillion,” PaulS72 stressed.

“Wake up, Biden, the United States is not the largest producer of steel, machinery, and electronics that the country was before and not Britain. He can see a speck in someone else's eye, but he does not notice a log in his own,” wrote EnglandMyEngland.

A number of users even started insulting the American president.

“And the problem of the United States is that we have an idiot sitting in the Oval Office. At least Russia does not have such a problem, “ TheCynical1 categorically stated.

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