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In India, the first case of «green mold» was discovered

Following the ”black mold”, Indian patients with COVID-19 risk facing a new dangerous disease — aspergillosis

In India, which continues to struggle with varying success with the coronavirus epidemic and the outbreak of mucormycosis, the first case of “green mold” was registered.

This is reported by the Times of India.

The infection was found in a 34-year-old patient from Madhya Pradesh. Before that, the man was treated for two months for a coronavirus and a fungal infection.

However, because he was not responding well to treatment, he was taken by medical helicopter to a hospital in Mumbai on June 15 with 90% damaged lungs.

“This is the first case of green mold in Madhya Pradesh, but I'm not sure about the rest of the country,” says Dr. Ravi Dozi of the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences.

However, the journalists claim that such an infection has not been reported in India before.

The causative agent of “green mold”, or aspergillosis, is a mold fungus from the genus Aspergillus. You can get infected with it both indoors and outdoors by inhaling spores. It is worth noting that most people inhale aspergillus spores daily without any consequences, but people with weakened immune systems or lung diseases are at higher risk.

It is worth noting that in the last three weeks, the trend for the disease of “black mold”, or mucormycosis, in India has increased by 150%. The” leaders “ in this indicator are the states of Maharashtra (7057 infected, more than 600 dead), Gujarat (more than 5 thousand patients and more than 300 victims), and Rajasthan (almost 3 thousand and 188 dead).

This month, the disease was also recorded in Nepal, neighboring India.

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