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The National Interest assessed the advantage of Russian weapons underwater

Russia has a unique and innovative amphibious weapon that does not lose its effectiveness even underwater. Peter Suciu, a writer from Michigan, told about it in his article for The National Interest.

According to him, the Russian dual-medium special rifle (ADS), unlike many other rifles, is capable of functioning in conditions of total immersion in water for long periods of time. This weapon is used in the circles of naval units, the ADS has become a replacement for such models as the special underwater assault rifle (APS) and the AK74M assault rifle. This “amphibious” weapon was created for combat divers of the Russian Army.

The ADF was developed in 2007 but was introduced to the public in 2013. The assault rifle has several advantages: compactness, conveniently located magazine. The ADF is a selective-fire gas weapon that fires from a closed bolt and has only a firing pin safety, Suciu said.

The Russian automatic rifle can eliminate the target in underwater conditions at a distance of up to 20 m and at a depth of up to 6 m. On land, the range of the rifle is estimated at 600 m, which corresponds to the performance of many assault rifles.

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