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The chief infectious disease specialist of the U.S. explained the jump in the incidence of coronavirus

The chief infectious disease specialist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, in an interview with ABC News, said that the recent sharp jump in the incidence of COVID-19 in the United States is due to the fact that about 100 million Americans in the country have not yet been vaccinated.

“If you look at the increase in the number of infections, you will see that the average daily indicator has increased significantly over the past week.<...> We are seeing an outbreak of infections among the unvaccinated,” Fauci said.

According to him, this group of people is “especially vulnerable” in terms of tolerable symptoms, since those who are vaccinated are much better protected from the severe course of the disease.

Fauci pointed out that in the current conditions, Americans who are not vaccinated against coronavirus are the cause of new outbreaks of coronavirus, which “ultimately affects everyone.”

Earlier, the American medical regulator decided to resume the use of protective masks by US citizens vaccinated against coronavirus, based on new information about COVID-19. Experts have found out that people who are vaccinated against coronavirus and at the same time infected with the delta strain carry a huge number of viruses in the nasopharynx.

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