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The U.S. named Biden's dangerous mistake

US President Joe Biden misjudges the state of the Russian economy, which can lead to dangerous consequences. Such a mistake of the head of the White House was called by Bloomberg.

According to the American publication, Biden's idea that the Russian economy is based solely on oil and gas exports is incorrect and does not reflect the real picture, although in general, it is quite popular among politicians in the United States.

“Russia is not an export superpower if we put aside oil and gas. It has a large enough domestic market to support one of the largest in the world and, importantly, the most stable economies, “ writes Bloomberg.

The article points out that such words of Biden about the Russian economy, if they really reflect his thoughts, indicate that the US president is misinformed or made incorrect conclusions from the reports that were provided to him. Moreover, such an approach can bring trouble to the American leader in the future and lure Washington into a trap.

So, the publication reminds, at one time, Barack Obama, holding the post of head of the White House, also repeatedly spoke about Russia as a regional power. As a result, his policy turned out to be short-sighted and created problems for the American establishment, Bloomberg believes.

In July, Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has problems that he knows about, and this “makes him more dangerous.” According to him, the Russian leadership is experiencing difficulties due to the fact that the Russian economy relies exclusively on oil and nuclear weapons. In response, the Kremlin said that the American president demonstrates an erroneous knowledge and understanding of modern Russia.

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