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Biden nominated an LGBT representative to the post of a US federal judge

For the first time in history, US President Joe Biden has nominated an LGBT representative to the post of a federal judge in the federal District Court of the second stage, CNN reports.

If the candidacy of Vermont judge Beth Robinson is supported by the Senate, she will become the first LGBT representative at the next level of judicial power in the United States after the Supreme Court — the federal appeals courts. In addition, Joe Biden nominated Charlotte Swinney to the post of federal district judge in Colorado. If approved, she will be the first LGBT federal judge west of the Mississippi River.

Currently, the strategy of the Democratic Party is to appoint federal judges as quickly as possible in case of vacancies, since the previous president Donald Trump appointed more than 230 federal judges of various levels during his term. After the Senate elections in November 2022, in case of poor results from the Democrats, the procedure for nominating judges may be very difficult.

The second-tier federal district courts or federal courts of appeal are the second most important after the Supreme Court. In the United States, all judges, starting from the district level, are approved by the US Senate after the nomination of the president. There are 89 courts at the district level, while there are 13 federal courts of appeal. Their jurisdiction includes the territories of several states at once.

Earlier it was reported that a transgender woman, Rachel Levin, was appointed Assistant Secretary of Health of the United States.

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