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A drug has been found that can slow the spread of COVID-19 infection by 70%

A cholesterol-lowering drug has the potential to ease the course of COVID-19 and the spread of infection, researchers from the University of Birmingham and other British research centers have found. They told more about this in an article in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Fenofibrate is a drug that is used to reduce cholesterol levels in patients with risks of cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have drawn attention to it in search of a drug that can disrupt the ability of the coronavirus protein spike to bind to ACE2 cell receptors.

Laboratory experiments on cell cultures have shown that fenofibrate is able to reduce the viral load by 70%. Moreover, it was equally effective against most strains of SARS-CoV-2, including new ones. Studies of the effectiveness of the delta strain, however, are still ongoing.

“Our data show that fenofibrate can potentially reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, as well as the spread of the virus,” the scientists report. “Given that fenofibrate is an oral drug that is very cheap and available worldwide, along with its extensive history of clinical use and a good safety profile, our results can be extremely useful, especially in low — and middle-income countries, as well as for patients who are not recommended for vaccination-for example, for children, people with autoimmune disorders and taking immunosuppressants.”

Researchers are calling for more large-scale studies of fenofibrate as a remedy for COVID — 19-if successful, it will be possible to save many lives with its help.

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