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The media accused Trump of refusing to urge supporters to vaccinate against COVID-19

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, six months after leaving office as head of the White House, continues to refuse to urge his supporters to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, writes The Daily Beast on August 12.

Thus, the portal cites an interview with the former president of the USA on Fox News, in which Trump said that he “recommends” to be vaccinated against the infection, but at the same time stressed that he respects the “freedom” of people who refused to be vaccinated.

The publication, citing a statement from four people who have spoken to Trump at various times about the possibility of a vaccination campaign, points out that the former American leader is not particularly interested in linking his name to a broader effort to vaccinate people against COVID-19.

It is noted that last month Trump released a written statement in which he sympathized with vaccination opponents because, he said, people refuse to get vaccinated because they distrust the administration of current U.S. leader Joe Biden.

A survey conducted by Monmouth University in late July showed that the bulk of those who are strongly against vaccination in the United States are Republicans, the newspaper notes.

The material also emphasizes that at the end of Trump's presidency in the United States there were more than 400,000 deaths from the coronavirus and since then the figure has grown to 600,000.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University as of August 13, the U.S. is the leader in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the world. Thus, 36,306,963 cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the country, and the number of deaths was 619,093.

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