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Hacker to be rewarded for largest cryptocurrency theft

Cryptocurrency platform Poly Network, which lost several hundred million dollars in hacks, decided to reward the hacker. This is reported by Reuters.

Poly Network thanked the hacker for hacking the system and stealing $610 million. It offered him a reward of $500,000. The statement did not specify in what form the money would be paid. Whether the hacker accepted the reward was also not specified.

The platform called the hacker a “white hat,” which is how the cryptocurrency community refers to “ethical” hackers who commit a crime for the sake of identifying cyber vulnerabilities rather than stealing money. According to the statement, he returned $340 million in assets and transferred most of the remaining money to a digital wallet controlled by him and Poly Network. The rest is frozen by the blockchain platform. The network also expressed hope that White Hat would continue to contribute to the further development of blockchain.

The hacker stated that he carried out the attack for fun and did not plan to steal the funds. However, some blockchain analysts speculate that it may have been too difficult for him to launder the stolen cryptocurrency on such a scale, so he decided to recover what he had stolen.

Poly Network is a decentralized finance platform that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions so users can transfer or exchange tokens between different blockchains. The network announced the hack on Tuesday, August 10, but reported the next day that hackers had begun returning the captured digital coins.

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