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The UN General Assembly called for an arms embargo on Myanmar

119 countries condemned the military coup in Myanmar, and 34 states abstained — only one Belarus opposed the resolution

The UN General Assembly has condemned the military coup in Myanmar and called for an arms embargo on the country.

The corresponding resolution was supported by 119 countries, The Guardian reports.

The UN calls for the immediate release of officials and politicians detained after the coup, “as well as all those who have been arbitrarily detained, charged or arrested.”

The draft resolution reaffirms the General Assembly's support for the population, demands accountability for crimes against them, including the Rohingya, and condemns the use of deadly force by the Myanmar armed forces. It also complements and strengthens the efforts of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to return Myanmar to the path of democracy.

Note that the text of the resolution is not binding. In addition, its wording was softened during negotiations with some of Myanmar's regional neighbors.

Human rights groups and civil society activists have called for an arms embargo. But diplomats felt that such a resolution had little chance of passing, as the permanent members-China and Russia, the two largest arms suppliers to Myanmar-could veto it.

Earlier, we reported that in Myanmar, where protests against the military coup continue, security forces shot and killed a seven-year-old girl right in her home.

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