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Panic and chaos at the Kabul airport: people storm planes to leave Afghanistan | Video

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in a few weeks and established control over Kabul. Afghans who do not want to live under the rule of Islamic extremists are fleeing the country en masse by land and trying to fly abroad. Thousands of people at the Kabul airport are storming planes, including military ones.

The number of people arriving is growing. The crowd at the entrance to the only airport in the Afghan capital. Also, people are trying to get on planes to fly away even standing, without a seat.

Some people, trying to get to the air harbor, leave cars right on the side of the road. Gunfire is heard in the vicinity of the Kabul airport, the Al-Arabiya TV channel reports.

According to the Al-Jazeera TV channel, the reason for the chaos is also the intensity of helicopter flights. There are employees of diplomatic missions onboard the aircraft, who are being evacuated.

Earlier, the Taliban movement said that the Taliban had established control over the entire territory of Afghanistan and captured Kabul. The Taliban also announced that there will be no transitional government and that they are waiting for a full transfer of power.

Before that, it was reported that the US Department of Defense intends to send an additional 1 thousand troops to Kabul to help in the evacuation of Americans.

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