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In US names Pentagon's biggest vulnerability to Russia and China

The Pentagon has one big weakness that can be exploited by the main American opponents — Russia and China. Such conclusions were presented by military analyst Maya Clark.

Some time ago, the US Senate approved a bill worth $1.1 trillion, under which such large funds will be directed to infrastructure development. According to Maya Clark, if Washington really wants to invest in infrastructure, it should pay attention to one of its main constitutional priorities — national defense. The latter has a serious weakness that can be used by America's opponents. This is reported by the publication 19 FortyFive.

“The greatest vulnerability of the American military. Investments are needed for most of our defense infrastructure. A striking example of this is the state shipyards of the U.S. Navy, “ the author of 19FortyFive notes.

Maya Clark stated that the U.S. Navy has four state shipyards at its disposal (and each of them is more than 100 years old). They are in very poor technical condition and are falling apart literally before our eyes. If we consider that they are engaged in servicing nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines, the situation for the United States looks quite threatening.

Congress is well aware of the problems of state shipyards and even demanded that the U.S. Navy include them in the list of objects that need urgent repairs. As a result, the American congressmen were given a report describing the current state of affairs at the shipyards.

“It talked about how bad things are at our naval shipyards. The dry docks are too small for the latest attack submarines. The facilities that were built for ships during the Second World War are now forced to serve the nuclear fleet, “ the expert reports.

Similar problems exist in all spheres. For example, ammunition for the U.S. Army is produced in factories whose equipment has not changed for decades. Their employees have to stand in front of the molten explosives and fill their artillery shells virtually manually.

“These old facilities not only put employees at risk but also put our entire national defense at risk. The fact is that all the ammunition for the U.S. Army is produced there,“ the 19FortyFive columnist added.

Infrastructure is the biggest weakness of the U.S. armed forces. The 19FortyFive expert believes that if this situation is not corrected, the United States may face big problems in the future.

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So, it turns out the infrastructure bilking the US economy by the billions is is need of repairs or is it the industrial complex feeding us these expensive toys want more handouts?

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