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Daily Mail: the pilot of an American drone confessed to the murders of Afghan civilians

The operators of American drones have confessed to the murders of Afghan civilians, including children.

They made their confession on the veteran resource Connecting Veterans Every Day, commenting on the video footage of the blows, the Daily Mail reports.

In particular, the video contains footage of a strike on a group of people whom one of the pilots calls an Afghan family, among them, was a child. The pilot worked in Helmand Province in 2019. Another called the destruction of people on the video “murder for the sake of murder.”

“The drone strikes were punitive,” one of the operators believes. He added that the liquidation of a young family with a child was especially traumatic for him. Also, the former military repents of the shelling of a motorcyclist and one guy with a walkie-talkie, who was resting under a tree. They recall that after the shooting, an elderly woman ran up to the dead man, who in despair beat her hands on the ground and shook her fists at the sky.

“She was kneeling next to this guy, clenching her fists, and threatening me with them,” the military recalls.

As a result of the use of drones, which Barack Obama allowed using, 542 strikes were carried out, as a result of which about 3.7 thousand people were killed, including 324 civilians.

Donald Trump has simplified the use of attack drones, reducing the level of decision-making from the commander of the entire Afghan group to the leadership of an operational group or battalion.

The US began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in May 2021. Commenting on this decision, US President Joe Biden called it the only correct one.

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