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A male chimpanzee did push-ups in a Chinese zoo, repeating the actions of a tourist

The chimpanzee repeated the actions of a tourist visiting a zoo in the city of Chongqing in China. The primate did push-ups like a visitor who was in front of the glass of the aviary, the Daily Mail reports.

The response of a 20-year-old chimpanzee to the man's act was filmed on video.

The clever primate continued to simulate push-ups from the ground before getting up on his paws and starting to pose for the audience.

Then he pushed himself back and repeated the action, while the crowd of eyewitnesses began to applaud.

In 2019, this chimpanzee was spotted cleaning a white T-shirt with a brush and a bar of soap after he watched his caretaker do a similar job. Then the zookeeper was able to repeat the actions of the employee.

Earlier, nine primates of the San Diego Zoo were the first in the world to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection. The animals received an experimental drug. In the near future, three more bonobos and one gorilla will be vaccinated.

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