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In the US, they proposed to impeach Biden

US Congressman Jeff Duncan proposed to impeach US President Joe Biden because of the “failure of foreign policy” in Afghanistan. The politician wrote about this on his Twitter.

“It is time to take action and remove the current president from office because of his gross negligence, which undermined our national security, led to the seizure of Afghanistan by the Taliban, and to a serious humanitarian crisis,” the congressman said.

In one of his posts, he stressed that the US president's policy in Afghanistan led to the death of Americans, as well as to the fact that thousands of American citizens and allies “were abandoned under the threat of torture, capture, hostage-taking or murder at the hands of the Taliban or other terrorist forces.”

Earlier, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the United States and its allies do not yet intend to recognize the Taliban as the authorities of Afghanistan. According to her, the death of 13 American Marines in Afghanistan was not the result of mistakes on the part of the American generals, and Biden in this regard is not going to send responsible representatives of the country's military command to resign.

On August 26, several explosions occurred near the Kabul airport. A terrorist blew himself up near the Baron Hotel, where foreigners stay. The second explosion occurred near the building of the Afghan Foreign Ministry. The media also reported that the terrorist group IG was involved in the tragedy.

12 American Marines and a US Navy medic also became victims of the attack.

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