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China does not trust US intelligence agencies opinions on COVID-19

Chinese diplomats call US intelligence report on COVID-19 “fabricated”

The Chinese Embassy in the United States called the report of the American special services on the origin of the coronavirus “unconvincing and fabricated”. According to Chinese diplomats, scientists, not intelligence, should deal with the emergence of COVID-19. Earlier, the US intelligence community presented two versions of the origin of the virus — natural and laboratory, reports CNN.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington has commented on a new US intelligence report on the origins of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. The statement was published on the website of the diplomatic mission.

Chinese diplomats believe that the report “fabricated by the special services” is a “scientifically unconvincing piece of work.” The scientific community should deal with the origin of COVID-19, not the special services, according to the Chinese Embassy.

They also noted that further efforts by the States in this direction will not bear fruit, since “the very subject of research contradicts science.” The diplomats stressed that Beijing firmly denies US accusations of obstructing the investigation.

On August 27, Reuters reported that the American intelligence community presented to US President Joe Biden the results of an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus infection.

The secret services intended to answer the question of whether Sars-CoV-2 was transmitted to humans from an animal or whether it was created in a laboratory in Wuhan. However, the Washington Post reported, citing sources in the American administration, that intelligence was unable to give a clear answer.

Some experts believe that the coronavirus is zoonotic, transmitted to humans from other species. Others believe that Sars-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory, and the pandemic began after the leak.

“We will not be able to provide a clearer explanation of the origin of COVID-19 until new information becomes available. Most likely, China's assistance will be required to give a final assessment of the origin of COVID-19, ” the report says. At the same time, the document notes that the coronavirus was not known to the PRC authorities before the first outbreak. It is not a coronavirus and a biological weapon. However, Beijing's actions “show China's uncertainty about the outcome of the investigation.”

Shortly thereafter, United States President Joe Biden announced that China was hiding critical information about the coronavirus.

“The information about the origin of this pandemic is at the disposal of the PRC, but from the very beginning, Chinese government officials have worked to deny access to it for international investigators and members of the global medical community,” the US president said.

Biden also said that he would not rest until he received answers to all questions about the coronavirus from the Chinese leadership.

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