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Biden May Unleash Nuclear War With Russia Or China

Joe Biden may provoke a nuclear clash with Russia or China. That is the opinion shared by former White House staffer Grady Means.

In the last six months, the world has come closer to nuclear war than it has since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The conflict could be triggered by U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration, who have made many mistakes in relations with their main adversaries. This is reported by The Hill.

“The danger is a growing global perception of the weakness and incompetence of the Biden administration,” said Means.

The Hill columnist believes that several things have prompted such negative attitudes toward Biden and his administration. It first manifested itself in Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's tentative meeting in Anchorage with Chinese representatives and then continued during the summit with Russia in Geneva. And especially strong at the moment when Washington announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Experts are convinced that in previous decades the world was deterred from nuclear war by Washington's tough foreign policy, as well as the pragmatism of Moscow and Beijing. In the past six months, however, the world's attitude toward the U.S. leadership has declined dramatically, and this could eventually lead to a really serious conflict.

“Biden is bringing the world closer to nuclear war,” Grady Means opined.

The loud and unpredictable behavior of former U.S. President Donald Trump kept the world situation much more under control than it is now under Biden. The latter has made many mistakes and constantly demonstrated his weakness. Added to this is the possibility that a stubborn and bruised U.S. administration may overreact to what is happening in the world and try to demonstrate its strength.

“The U.S. has devastating countermeasures for all enemy strategies, and an underestimation of this strength by the enemy, combined with attempts by the White House to establish itself, could have disastrous consequences,” the expert stated.

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