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The U.S. helicopter race over Tokyo provoked a scandal in Japan

June 20, U.S. military helicopters staged a race in the sky over Tokyo, without first obtaining permission to do so. Japanese media are outraged by the situation and the silence of the American command.

On Monday, June 14, the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun published a video showing American aircraft moving over the center of Tokyo at a low altitude, almost over high-rise buildings. In Japan, such flights are prohibited, both for civilian and military helicopters.

According to Japanese standards, the “minimum safe height” is 300 meters above the top point of the tallest building. At the same time, the Black Hawk helicopter in December 2020 flew over the railway station just 200 meters away, after which it passed near the city hall in Tokyo (243 meters) and the NTT Docomo Yoyogi building (approximately 270 meters). The newspaper points out that an altitude of 600 meters is considered safe in this area.

The situation with the violation of the air zone of Japan was repeated repeatedly, after which the government sent a request to the American military commanders. The Japanese authorities asked to confirm the fact of illegal flights and demanded to explain their reason. However, the US Air Force said that a lot of time has passed since the incident, and this makes it difficult to identify violations. The situation caused a flurry of criticism from the local population.

“These Yankees do what they want! Probably, they will organize tourist excursions around Tokyo from the sky! “ — mikatads expressed indignation.

“What an insulting response from the Americans! Outrage! “ — outraged Rikimar16753900.

“A real American occupation army!” wrote Takechan123da.

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