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Millions of Android smartphones signed up for paid services

More than ten million users have fallen victim to a new Android virus. This is reported by Bleeping Computer.

The malware was discovered by Zimperium specialists. The report says that the new Trojan was most active from November 2020 to April 2021. The virus was spread using 200 Android apps. At the moment, all of them have been removed from the Google store but remained available in other repositories. The Trojan, called GriftHorse, made paid subscriptions to various services without the knowledge of smartphone users.

Researchers estimated that cybercriminals could steal millions of regular payments from victims around the world each month. After installing the malware, the program gained access to the victim's number and used it to make various subscriptions. For example, GriftHorse was able to sign up victims for paid SMS services, which cost around €30 per month. Users in the first wave who were attacked by the virus lost an average of 200 euros.

To hit as many victims as possible, the Trojan subscribed the user to services in different categories. According to experts, during its existence, the virus has attacked over ten million devices around the world, and its creators earned hundreds of millions of euros.

Earlier analysts of the American company Zimperium warned Android smartphone users about the FlyTrap virus, which steals accounts in social networks. At least ten thousand people in 144 countries became victims of the malicious program.

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