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British readers of the Daily Mail refused to blame Putin for the rise in gas prices

Some Britons reacted sharply to an article by the Daily Mail tabloid accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of blackmailing EU leaders with promises to increase gas supplies after the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

The author of the article believes that gas supplies needed by Europe could also occur through existing gas pipelines, but US President Joe Biden handed Russia a "trump card" by lifting sanctions from the new pipeline. Many readers in the comments blamed the United States for the gas crisis and refused to blame Russia for the fact that gas prices are rising.

A user under the nickname PTFE98 stood up for Russia and wrote that it has the right to set the prices it wants for its gas. "This is how capitalism works," he believes.

"Trump arranged it all. Gas prices have risen due to shortages. The shortage arose due to the delay in the construction of a new pipeline. And the delays happened because of US sanctions," casaloco believes.

Other users blamed the crisis on the UK authorities. For example, Leo Kassan wrote that the British "eco-fanatics" in the government, their ill-considered actions, and the lack of a "backup plan" should be blamed for the crisis.

"So because of the stupid decisions of our government and its inability to plan everything in advance, they are now blaming Putin? I am ashamed for my country and ashamed that now I have to beg Putin," Plato England said.

"Are the British able to take at least some responsibility for what is happening in their country? The pipe is Russian, the bad energy policy is British, and the Americans are to blame," wrote boristhejohnson.

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