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The main problems of Windows 11 are listed

Microsoft's specialists are studying the problems of Windows 11 related to processor slowdown and system startup error. This is reported by the publication Bleeping Computer.

The authors listed the main problems of the new OS, which Microsoft engineers are working to fix. In total, journalists named eight main problems of the operating system. These include the outdated taskbar, which appeared in a number of Windows users, errors with the launch of the Start menu. The company also said it would fix the performance problem with some AMD processors.

Many users have seen a message that their computer does not meet the system requirements of the OS. "We are aware of this problem, and we are currently working to fix it," a Microsoft support agent told reporters. In addition, for some users, the system requires an increased amount of RAM.

In some cases, there is a browser compatibility issue with Windows 10 users that can cause errors. Microsoft engineers said that in this situation they block the possibility of upgrading to Windows 11 until the problem is solved.

Earlier, Gartner analysts recommended that users not rush to upgrade to Windows 11. According to experts, computer owners may not switch to a new OS, since the issue of support for outdated hardware in Windows 11 remains unclear.

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