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The Reason Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Gave Up the Title for Archie | Royal Family

After the wedding, the Dukes of Sussex received special privileges from Elizabeth II in Scotland. 40-year-old Meghan Markle and 37-year-old Prince Harry refused to pass them on to their son Archie.

The grandson of Elizabeth II and his wife received ducal titles in England, as well as the title of Earl and Countess of Dumbarton in Scotland. It comes from the name of the city of the same name. There has been a lot of speculation about what regalia Meghan and Harry's children will receive after birth. However, the couple initially made it clear that they were not interested in the specific title given to them in Scotland.

"Archie could have taken the title of Earl of Dumbarton. But Harry and Meghan refused it because they believed that the word "Dumbar" in the name "Dumbarton" would be used as a mockery when Archie goes to school. This shows the sensitivity of the couple to what is happening, " said royal biographer Andrew Morton.

According to the writer, the couple decided to protect their son from ridicule at an early age. They expressed the hope that their firstborn will decide for himself whether he wants to wear this title when he gets older. Last year, the Dukes of Sussex resigned their royal powers and moved to the United States. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, they stated racism in the family. One of Harry's relatives expressed fear that their child would be born dark-skinned.

"It remains an open question whether a member of the royal family spoke about Archie's skin color, whether he meant by this that the darker the skin, the less protection and less chance of getting the title. As they both knew well, there was no chance of a title for their children until Prince Charles ascended the throne. Archie could receive the title of a prince only as the son or grandson of the reigning sovereign. But Archie was Her Majesty's great-grandson," the expert explained in his book "Meghan and the Unmasking of the Monarchy: A Hollywood Princess."

The firstborn of the Dukes of Sussex was born in May 2019. At birth, Elizabeth II did not give him a title. Buckingham Palace sees no deviation from royal traditions in this. "The Palace insists that this has nothing to do with racial issues. According to the royal protocol established by George V, only those who are in the direct line of succession to the throne receive the titles of prince or princess," Us Weekly quotes the interlocutor.

During their interview, the couple explained that their child was denied not only a title but also state protection, which is used by working members of the royal family. "They didn't want our child to be a prince or a princess, which would be different from protocol. It was really hard... This continued during the last few months of pregnancy. I thought: "Wait a second. How does it work? Even if he is not a prince, he should be safe," the former star of the series "Force Majeure" said.

The Dukes of Sussex explained that they had not been given any explanation on these issues. "I've heard a lot about it from Harry and other people in conversations with family members. It was a decision they considered appropriate," she added. As a result, the confrontation with the family led to the fact that the youngest son of the late Princess Diana turned away from the monarchy.

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