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The expert described the consequences of NATO's tactical nuclear strike on Russia

NATO will fail if it uses tactical nuclear weapons against Russia. Such conclusions were presented by the American military expert Michael Peck.

American specialists from the RAND Corporation conducted a military simulation some time ago, the results of which turned out to be very ambiguous for NATO countries. The results of the game showed that the Western military will not be able to defeat the Russian army in the Baltic States, even if they resort to tactical nuclear weapons. According to Michael Peck, the use of tactical combat systems by the Western Alliance promises a lot of trouble for Europe. This is reported by the publication 19FortyFive.

"Europe has much more to lose from the exchange of strikes with tactical nuclear weapons than Russia," the columnist of the American edition said.

Michael Peck stated that the Western military will be suppressed fairly quickly by the Russian army in the Baltic States. Against this background, NATO forces may try to use tactical nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation and the effect of its use is unlikely to meet the expectations of the Alliance. NATO strikes will not be able to reach the target and cause significant damage to Russian tanks and manpower. Instead, the civilian population of the Baltic States will bear the brunt, and infrastructure facilities will also be damaged.

NATO's actions will lead to a retaliatory nuclear strike by Russia. There is a possibility that the targets of these attacks by Russia will be five airbases of the Western military, which are located in the area of its tactical weapons systems.

"NATO's infrastructure is vulnerable, the damage caused to it by even a limited number of nuclear attacks can significantly reduce the military potential of the entire Alliance. Against this background, Russia is able to withstand comparable nuclear strikes," Michael Peck added.

The expert said that in such a situation, NATO has only a way to minimize its damage. Since tactical nuclear weapons are not a serious tool in the fight against Russia, the Alliance needs to rely on the concentration of a large group of conventional armed forces in the Baltic States.

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