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The first death from the Delta plus strain was recorded in India

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, a woman died from a new strain of the delta plus coronavirus. She was not vaccinated against COVID-19, writes India Today.

According to the authorities, the woman died on May 23, it became known that she was infected with the “delta plus” strain after the tests were carried out. The husband of the deceased was also ill with coronavirus, but he, unlike his wife, was fully vaccinated.

In total, the delta plus strain was detected in five residents of the state. Four of them recovered.

“It should be noted that four out of five people whose samples were found positive for the delta plus variant received the vaccine and are now healthy. However, the patient who did not get vaccinated died from the virus. That is why we are calling on everyone to get vaccinated, “ State Minister Vishwas Sarang said.

Earlier, the director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Randeep Guleria, said that the new Indian coronavirus mutation, called “delta plus”, is extremely contagious.

The scientist noted that to get infected with a new strain of coronavirus, it is enough just to pass by a sick person without a mask. At the same time, it is of particular concern that delta plus is resistant to antibodies and is able to “bypass” the immune system.

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