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Afghan woman sold some grandchildren to feed others

An Afghan woman told about the sale of some grandchildren to feed others, writes the Telegram channel "Freshness".

A video with the story of a 56-year-old Afghan woman is being distributed in social networks of the Persian Gulf countries. According to the woman, the price for one child is from 100 to 150 thousand Afghanis.

Recently, reports have begun to appear in the media that Afghan families are forced to sell their children in order to survive. So, the BBC reports on a family that was forced to sell a newborn daughter for $500 to feed other children.

The head of the family used to earn by collecting garbage but lost his job. The buyer deposited more than $250, the parents will receive the rest in a few months. The buyer intends to raise the girl in order to marry her son later. However, there is no certainty that everything will be exactly like this.

The Times reports on another family who tried to sell their four-year-old daughter to a childless businessman so that she would grow up with him and work in his shop.

The head of this family was a policeman and was left without work a few days before the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul. The businessman offered 20 thousand Afghanis (about $230), the father requested 50 thousand Afghani (about $590). As a result, the parties did not agree.

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