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China urged the US to sever all contacts with Taiwan

Chinese diplomats called on the United States to adhere to the "one China" agreements and terminate all relations with Taiwan. This was stated at the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

The statement says that there is only one China in the world, and the PRC government is the only legitimate government representing the whole of China, and Taiwan is an integral part of China's territory.

The embassy reported that 50 years ago, the United States tried to create "one China and one Taiwan" or "two China's" at the UN, but this attempt failed, and at the moment Washington openly supports forces advocating Taiwan independence.

Chinese diplomats called on the United States to immediately cease all official contacts with Taiwan, to stop irresponsible and erroneous statements in order to preserve the general situation in China-American relations.

Earlier, Financial Times columnist Gideon Rahman assessed the prospects for the outbreak of an armed conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan. According to his version, China considered the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan as a sign of geopolitical weakness, after which Beijing can afford to challenge American dominance in the Pacific region and unite China with Taiwan. Now China has the opportunity to build its own version of "strategic ambiguity" itself, whipping up alarmist sentiments about a possible invasion of the island, but without informing about specific plans.

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