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Europe urged to limit flights | Greenpeace

The international environmental organization Greenpeace has called on the EU countries to abandon short-distance air travel. For the sake of saving the planet, Europeans are offered an alternative in the form of trains, if the distance can be covered faster than in six hours by rail. The data of the report are published on the website of the ecological association.

Environmentalists have found that airplanes account for 9-13 times more carbon dioxide emissions than trains. According to Lorelei Limousine, a representative of Greenpeace, viable alternatives to short-haul flights already exists in Europe. Where there are none, it is necessary to invest more in the development of a transport system that "will be useful for the planet and accessible to everyone."

The researchers studied 150 of the most popular routes for short flights to the EU and 250 across Europe (including the UK, Norway, and Switzerland). For 34 percent of destinations in the EU, there are options to get by train in less than six hours. This way you can get from Paris to Amsterdam, from Madrid to Barcelona and from Munich to Berlin. On 21 of these routes, the travel time was limited to four hours, and on three — two hours. On the territory of the continent, 29 percent accounted for acceptable alternative rail routes.

However, experts noted that it has recently become more difficult to travel by train in Europe — only 41 out of 150 flights have an alternative in the form of a night train, and in Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy, this type of transport was canceled altogether in 2019.

Researchers say that reducing the number of flights is important to prevent a climate catastrophe. As a possible solution, environmentalists proposed to abandon discounts on air tickets and equalize them with the cost of traveling by train. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the state monopolies of railway operators — this way it will be possible to make an eco-friendly way of traveling more affordable. According to the study, 62 percent of Europeans support the ban on short flights, and most residents of France (72 percent) and Spain (80 percent) expect the launch of night trains at a reasonable price.

At the end of August, British researchers found out that in order to save the planet, humanity will not have to give up convenient and familiar modes of transport. In their opinion, it is more important to change the nature of electricity production. Planes and cars will remain, but it will be necessary to convert them to biofuels and electric motors.

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