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The first passport with an "X" gender identity is issued in the U.S.

Starting next year, such passports will be issued to everyone and without the previously required certificate from a doctor.

For the first time, the US authorities issued a passport indicating the gender "X". This is stated in a statement by the official representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, on the department's website.

The message does not specify to whom such a passport was issued, but they announced their wide distribution in the future.

"We look forward to offering everyone who applies for it as soon as we develop the necessary system and update the form," the document says.

According to Price, this will happen in early 2022.

The representative of the State Department emphasized that Washington is "committed to promoting freedom and equality of all people, including representatives of the LGBT community." Until now, in order to indicate a gender different from the one entered in the birth certificate, US citizens needed a certificate from a doctor.

Earlier it was reported that the son of the President of Argentina refused gender. He received a national identity card without specifying his gender, and also changed his name.

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