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EU countries refused to hold a summit with Putin

The call of Chancellor Angela Merkel to the EU countries to organize a summit with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not supported by about ten leaders of the member states of the association. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to a diplomatic source.

According to the agency's source, at the talks in Brussels, they made it clear that they did not like either the idea itself or the fact that it was put forward “at the last moment”.

Merkel later told reporters that after the first day of negotiations, EU leaders could not come to an agreement on a summit with Russia. “It was a very thorough and difficult discussion.< ... > We once again discussed under what conditions we are ready to work and communicate more closely with Russia... There was no agreement on an immediate meeting of the leaders, “ Reuters quoted her as saying.

Bloomberg managed to get acquainted with the draft communique of the summit. It says that the EU countries “will review the existing formats of dialogue with Russia, including at the level of leaders.” The agency notes that the final text of the document has not yet been agreed upon.

The Financial Times newspaper reported on Merkel's proposal on June 23. As stated in the article, Berlin believes that Putin's meeting with American President Joe Biden in Geneva is a good reason to revive relations with Russia.

The initiative was supported by French President Emmanuel Macron. “We need a dialogue with Russia to protect our European interests. This dialogue is necessary for the stability of the European continent,” Bloomberg quotes him as saying.

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