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U.S. intelligence blamed Russia for the acoustic attacks

The U.S. intelligence community suggests that Russia is allegedly responsible for a number of mysterious incidents with American civil servants abroad, who, according to some claims, could have been subjected to secret acoustic or other attacks with the possible use of “directed energy”.

This was reported on Sunday by The Washington Post, citing its sources.

According to the publication, US intelligence officials now suspect that Russia is allegedly responsible for attacks with the possible use of microwaves or other forms of “directed energy”. Against the background of new stages of investigations, we need to make sure that everything is understood correctly, “ the newspaper quotes a high-ranking representative of the Washington administration.

He does not provide evidence of the guilt attributed to Moscow in committing such attacks.

The White House, the State Department, and the office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Avril Haines, have not yet confirmed or commented on these allegations.

In May, the newspaper Politico reported that some representatives of the American authorities investigating possible attacks with the use of “directed energy” believe that the “Russian GRU” may be allegedly involved in such activities. At the same time, there is no confirmation of “a connection between Russian military intelligence and incidents with directed energy,” the publication noted at the time.

In early June, at a hearing in the Senate of the US Congress, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the US authorities do not have information about who is responsible for a number of mysterious incidents with American civil servants abroad.

“Acoustic attacks” or the chirping of crickets?

The previous US administration claimed that as a result of some external influence, called “acoustic attacks” in the American press, more than 40 American diplomats have been injured in Havana since November 2016. The United States authorities have blamed Cuba for these incidents. In September 2017, in the light of the incident, the United States recalled 60% of the employees of its embassy in Havana to their homeland and then demanded that Cuba reduce the number of its diplomatic mission in Washington by 15 people.

Havana has repeatedly denied involvement in the incidents with American diplomats. In October 2017, Cuban experts also stated that the United States could have mistaken the chirping of crickets or cicadas for ”acoustic attacks”.

In the spring of 2018, reports appeared in the United States that an employee of the consulate in Guangzhou could have been subjected to an” acoustic attack “ similar to those from which, from the point of view of the Washington administration, American diplomats in Cuba had previously suffered. In turn, the Chinese government stressed at the time that it had found no signs of an ”acoustic attack“ on the consulate employee.

New cases

At the end of April of this year, similar information was distributed by the newspaper Politico. She claimed that mysterious attacks with the help of “directed energy” could be committed on US military personnel stationed in Syria and that Russia's involvement in this cannot be ruled out. The head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, General Kenneth Mackenzie, whose operational responsibility primarily includes the Middle East, actually denied this publication.

Then CNN reported, citing an unnamed former American official, that one such episode was clarified almost immediately. Then, symptoms similar to those that occur with the flu were detected in several American Marines in Syria.

Someone linked the incident with the recent flight of a Russian helicopter near the US military base where these Marines were located. However, it turned out that there was food poisoning. It was quickly established where exactly the Marines had eaten “spoiled products,” this retired man said. In addition, as a Pentagon representative admitted in an interview with a CNN correspondent, US military doctors determined that the marine's malaise began even before the appearance of Russian servicemen at their base.

According to CNN, the US authorities are investigating at least two more similar incidents that occurred in Washington and its environs in 2019-2020.

In a joint written statement released on April 30, the heads of the Senate Special Intelligence Committee — Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Marco Rubio — argued that the number of alleged secret acoustic or other attacks with the possible use of “directed energy” on US personnel abroad is apparently increasing.

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