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Quentin Tarantino ends his career as a director

Rumors that Quentin Tarantino plans to make ten films and finish his directorial career have been going around for a long time, but now everything has been confirmed. The fact that his next film will be the last, Tarantino said on the Bill Mar show on Friday. According to him, this is the perfect moment to end his career: “I know the history of cinema — at some point, directors simply can't jump above their heads.”

Before that, on the recording of the Pure Cinema podcast, Tarantino joked: “For many directors, the latest films are terrible. Following the logic, I should have stopped at “Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood”. Recall that the film collected many awards, was recognized as the best by the Critics Choice Awards, and after the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the audience applauded it for six minutes.

During the interview, Quentin also admitted that the final picture could well be a remake of the film “Mad Dogs”, which brought the director fame in 1992. But Tarantino immediately said: “No, I won't do that. Although there was such an idea.” Fans of the director are really looking forward to the new film and put forward the boldest assumptions about what it will be about.

Earlier it was assumed that Tarantino would shoot the third part of “Kill Bill” if Uma Thurman agreed to return to the role of Beatrix Kendo. And two years ago, fans hoped that Tarantino would take up the new “Star Trek”, and even gave him the unspoken name “Pulp Fiction in Space”. Anyway, it is still unknown what kind of picture the director will actually finish his career with.

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