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Is Angelina Jolie having an affair with her ex-husband?

The sudden romance of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez became a sensation in the press and generated a whole wave of speculation — from which other star couples should we expect reunions? Angelina Jolie, who very suddenly visited her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller in New York, also fell under suspicion.

It would seem that what can connect the former spouses, whose divorce was completed in 1999? Meanwhile, the connection between them is definitely there: Angelina came to visit her first husband with a bottle of wine and without an assistant and bodyguard. The paparazzi, who were waiting patiently for the “Maleficent” star at the door of Miller's New York apartment, noted that their meeting lasted several hours. Is this enough for rumors of a new romance?

Recall that the romance of Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller began on the set of the cult film “Hackers”. In 1996, the actors got married, but filed for divorce just a year later — the divorce process lasted about two years and, to the great joy of fans, was not marked by any scandals. Angelina admitted that she and Johnie parted good friends, and their fleeting marriage was a “mistake of youth”, which neither of them regrets.

Previously, neither Johnny nor Angelina had even hinted at the possibility of a reunion. Jolie married first Billy Bob Thornton and then Brad Pitt, and Miller was married for ten years to actress Michelle Hicks. At the moment, both former spouses are officially single.

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