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China has decided to build a solar power plant in space

The project will require many years of implementation, and its creators will have to face serious challenges, experts say

China wants to build the first space solar power plant in Earth's orbit. The project provides for the construction of large solar panels in orbit.

The environmentally friendly electricity produced with their help will be transmitted to the Earth. The design is planned to be placed by 2030 in a geostationary orbit at an altitude of 35,786 km, where it will constantly be located above the selected point of the Earth, SpaceNews writes.

The project should begin with an energy transfer experiment in 2022, said Long Lehao, chief designer of the Chinese Changzheng-9 series of rockets (Long March), at a recent presentation. It is with the help of such rockets that Beijing plans to deliver elements of a future solar power plant into orbit. The improved version of the rocket will be able to put up to 150 tons of payload into low-Earth orbit, and from 50 to 53 tons on a flight path to the Moon.

Changzheng-9 Series Rocket (Long March) / Twitter@LiuyiYiliu

The total area of the solar power plant should be 1 sq. km. For its construction, more than a hundred launches will be required, during which about 10 thousand tons of structures will be delivered to orbit. It is planned to transfer the project to a commercial basis by 2050.

The designers of space technology Lun and Qi Fazhen noted that the construction of the station will be fraught with a number of difficulties. Scientists will face the tasks of making the station economically viable, reducing the cost of construction, solving issues of efficiency and safety of energy transmission to Earth.

Similar ideas have been repeatedly proposed by various countries, including Japan and the United States, but they have not yet reached practical implementation. The project of an orbital power plant was mentioned among the Chinese space plans, and in 2019, the construction of an experimental base for testing methods of wireless energy transmission over a distance was started in the city of Chongqing.

Recall that China is not the only Asian country that promotes large-scale projects in the green energy sector. For example, South Korea will give $ 5 million for renewable energy in developing countries.

In addition, the European Union and Japan have created a green alliance and will cooperate in the hydrogen energy sector.

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