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It's hot as hell! Weather in Canada killed almost 500 people

Many of the victims lived alone, they were found in hot and unventilated houses — over the past three years, only three people have died from hyperthermia in British Columbia

Over the past five days, at least 486 people have become victims of the heatwave in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

This is reported by the CBC.

The chief coroner of British Columbia, Lisa Lapointe, called this figure three times higher than the average — usually, during this period, 165 so-called sudden deaths are recorded in the province (that is, non-violent and not as a result of illness).

“We consider heat to be one of the factors of many of these deaths. But this version requires confirmation, " Lapointe said on June 30.

According to her, many of the victims lived alone. They were found in hot and unventilated houses.

The coroner stressed that this situation is extremely abnormal for British Columbia — over the past three to five years, only three deaths have been recorded here due to the heat.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of the heatwave.

It is worth noting that the abnormally high temperature was established throughout North America, and in some regions of Canada, it reached 49.5 degrees Celsius.

The reason is called the dome of high pressure, which hung over the northwest of the United States and Canada.

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