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Princes Harry and William have started communicating again

Since Prince Harry resigned as a senior member of the royal family and left England, his relationship with his older brother Prince William has noticeably deteriorated. William considered this act a betrayal of the family; the last straw was an interview with Harry, in which he compared life in the royal family with being in a zoo cage and said that members of the royal family discussed the color of his son's skin.

According to Western media, after several months of the cold war, the brothers still resumed communication. The reason for this was not the opening of the memorial to Princess Diana (for which Harry flew to London), but... the victory of the England national football team in the mast against Germany.

“We can't say that Harry and William have finally reconciled,” says the insider. — But against the background of the victory of the British over the Germans at the European Football Championship, they exchanged text messages. This is a small step on the path to reconciliation.”

Insiders believe that the brothers, who were once very close, will need a lot of time to smooth out sharp corners and find a common language. So, William and his wife Kate Middleton refused to receive Harry during his visit to London: they are afraid that Harry will retell their conversations to Meghan Markle, and she, in turn, will use them for another compromising interview.

“Kate and William do not see any point in communicating with Harry, since any of their conversations will be retold to Meghan and will get into the press through her,” said royal historian Robert Lacey. — They were outraged by how calculated the interview that Harry and Meghan gave to Oprah Winfrey turned out to be. None of the members of the royal family have spoken to Meghan since the release of this interview. And it's been three months already.”

The opening of the monument to Princess Diana will take place on July 1 in the garden of Kensington Palace. It is timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of her birth. It is reported that the wives of Megan and Kate will not be at the opening of the memorial. Megan has temporarily given up traveling and will not come to London, as she is busy caring for her newborn daughter Lilibet and two-year-old son Archie. As for Kate, she will not be able to attend the ceremony due to offensive restrictions. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, only Diana's close relatives are allowed to open. An exception was made only for the author of the monument, Ian Rank-Broadley, and the garden designer Pip Morrison.

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